Fast Monte Carlo Simulation for Excel

Unlimited simulations with the highest possible performance.

Compute mean (MONTE.MEAN) and standard deviation (MONTE.STDEV) over the course of a simulation. There is no limit to the number of simulations.

Capture extreme values during a simulation.

Find the largest (MONTE.MAX) and smallest (MONTE.MIN) values.

Trade space for the time dimension.

Buffer rows (MONTE.BUFFER) of data to get a window on simulated values.

Condition on when events occur.

Only sample data when a particular condition (MONTE.WHEN/MONTE.CONDITIONAL) holds.

Compute the cumulative distribution function of random variates.

Estimate the probability that the random variate is less than specified values.

Full integration with Excel and third party add-ins.

Use any built-in or third party functions. Monte respects the Zen of Excel.